• Add this tea to your daily routine to increase energy levels and reduce stress!

  • orange pikake

    Try one of our top favorite teas. Smooth and soothing. Words cannot express how much this tea feels like a hug in a cup.

  • Tangy Mango Orange tea is sure to awaken your taste buds.

  • Tencha Green Tea


    One of the rarest teas you can come by. Only the best of the best tea leaves can be called Tencha.

  • Ginseng Green Tea


    Avoid those mid afternoon blues, with a boost of energy from ginseng and spicy ginger.

  • Heart Shaped Puerh

  • Hand-Made Blooming

    This blooming tea opens up to from a ball and it becomes a beautiful flower of tea in your cup.
  • Hand-Made Blooming Leis

    This blooming tea not only opens up but it opens up with a actual flower in the middle along with a white lei around the tea.
  • This blooming tea also has a flower in the middle of the after it opens up but it also has a jasmine aroma.


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