If you really want to enjoy a cup of fine tea, you must try the Silver Needle White Tea. White tea varieties are known for their pleasant flavors and finesse, but this particular tea is the best in its group. Yes, the Silver Needle White Tea is the best white tea you can find on the market, providing the best taste and having a price tag higher than the rest. What makes this particular tea so special? And why is it the most expensive white tea assortment out there? The answer lies in the fact that the Silver Needle White Tea is composed entirely out of the plant’s buds that are harvested before they open. Thus, this tea does not contain any mature leaves or stems, just precious silver buds.

The name of the tea comes from the way the buds are looking when harvested. Because they are still very young and not opened yet, they have a sharp tip, which makes them resemble with needles. Also, they are covered with fine silver hairs. So, it is easy to understand why it is called the Silver Needle white tea. All the buds are carefully picked by hand, one by one, so that there is no risk for them to get damaged during this process. It is said that the best flavor is provided by the first generation of buds that emerge on the tea plant, which takes place between the months of March and April. Because the harvesting period of the buds, in this case, usually lasts just 2 days, it is known as the Imperial Harvest, as the flavor of the tea prepared for the buds collected in these two days is the finest.

What’s the flavor of this exceptional white tea? Many will describe a cup of Silver Needle White Tea as a very pleasant and refreshing experience. The flavor of this tea is mellow, slightly sweet, and extremely delicate. In comparison to other white teas, the taste of this particular assortment is sweeter and it leaves behind a beautiful aftertaste. The color of the tea, once prepared, is light yellow and due to the few silver hairs that end up in the cup, the tea appears like shimmering in the light, as the hairs reflect the light in a distinct way.

It is worth mentioning that the flavor of this tea is due to the strict processing of the buds once they are carefully collected from the plants. Shallow baskets are used for allowing the buds to wilt under direct sunlight, something that can take up to three days. The most appreciated batches of tea are obtained this way, although the buds may be prepared indoors when the weather is bad, by using artificial heat. After the wilting process is over, the buds are dried at low temperatures, through a mild baking process, before being packed and ready to ship. Due to the care with which the tea buds are handled and processed, the Silver Needle White Tea is considered to be extremely healthy, as the buds carry the properties of the white tea plant unspoiled. From offering aid in digestive processes to protecting the heart, boosting the immune system, and even helping to balance body weight, this special white tea is definitely an amazing addition to your daily habits.