Yerba Matte Herbal Tea


Enjoy Yerba Matte with breakfast or in a café for afternoon tea, with a sweet pastry.

Earn up to 40 Points.


Popular tea of Uruguay

Yerba Matte from Argentina.  You can drink this on a hot sunny day iced or a winter day hot.  It contains a ton of caffeine to give you that boost and it stimulates your mind while reading or studying. The flavor of brewed mate resembles an infusion of vegetables, herbs, grass and is reminiscent of some varieties of green tea. Some consider the flavor to be very agreeable, but it is generally bitter if steeped in boiling water.

Best served: Hot Tea/Iced Tea


Toasted yerba matte

* No artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners

Additional information

Weight N/A
Caffeine Level

High Caffeine


Earthy, Vegetal


Pale Yellow

Type of Tea

Herbal Tea


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