English Breakfast Black Tea


This English Breakfast tea as the name suggests is normally consumed in the morning. It is great plain and just a good with sugar and milk.


Classic Morning Steep

Black tea from Yunnan, China. Soft tea with an abundance of golden tips. Sweet, almost creamy aroma. Rich and savory flavor, with a slight cocoa powder finish. Earthy and spicy and soft, smooth mouthfeel and finish.

Best served: Hot Tea


Black tea

* No artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners

Additional information

Caffeine Level

High Caffeine


Roasted Black Tea


Clear Red/Black

Type of Tea

Black Tea

1 review for English Breakfast Black Tea

  1. NL

    Received this tea as a free sample. It’s fruity/flowery and mellow. Nice to have around the office–although it’s English Breakfast, it makes the afternoon go faster!

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