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Rose Tea

Rosebud Tea, Oolong Rose tea, Pu-erh Rose tea, Rosemary Tea, Rose Assortment , Rose Black Tea, Rose Green Tea and Rose White Tea

Whereas certain teas are primarily consumed for taste and/or nutritional benefits, rose tea is preferred for its aroma as its name may suggest. Rose teas includes different types of tea that has rose petals as one of its ingredients, including green teas with rose petals, black teas with rose petals, etc. Usually, the addition of rose petals means a lighter and more subtle taste, with a hint of sweetness and a stronger aroma. The idea behind rose teas is an appeal to a wide variety of senses. Often descriptions of these teas include words such as "floral" and "beautiful". So in addition to taste, the consumer is also treated to a sweet aroma (people often purchase flowers to smell) and a beautiful visual display (people often purchase flowers for a flower arrangement as well). Seeing, smelling, and now tasting roses becomes a very gratifying experience for the rose tea drinker.

Our Products:

This red rose tea offers an aroma that feels like you just received a dozen of roses from a loved one. A gentle sweet taste caps it off with a with homely touch.

This is our premium Oolong (huang jin gui) mixed with red rose buds, this blend was created by our specialist to bring out the natural aroma of the rose along with the refreshing taste of our spring Oolong tea.

Our finest blend of bold tasting Pu erh, mixed with the sweet aroma of red rose buds, this particular blends brings together the smooth taste of the pu erh along with the sweet taste and scent of rose buds to create a long lasting and delicious aftertaste. Many believe that this tea has slimming effects because of the way it breaks down fat in food, and it's used as a diet tea.

Enjoy the soothing aroma of rosemary, relax with the calming effect of this tea and tame the tensions of everyday life. Besides the calming effect, it also helps with bloating.

This set consists of our rose scented tea, and they include rosebud tea, Oolong rose tea, and Pu-erh rose tea.

Our rose flavored tea is a different vareity from our rosebud tea collection. The flavoring is added directy in to the black tea, where as the rosebud tea collection is a mixture of rosebuds with oolong or pu-erh tea.

Rose green tea is created using delicious and healthy green tea with rose petals. The flavor and aroma of this tea is mesmorizing.

Rose White Tea is an aromatic tea with a sweet light white tea taste. The rose buds combined with White tea creates a mesmerizing tea.

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