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Buy Jasmine Tea

The combination of jasmine flowers and white tea produces a mild-tasting blend that is both refreshing and energizing. Jasmine flowers are used in aromatherapy as sedatives and to produce higher states of relaxation. Jasmine infused white tea is mild in flavor and low in caffeine, which makes it ideal for daily drinking.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of White Tea with a Hint of Jasmine

Recent studies have shown white varieties may contain more antioxidants than green brews. One of the reasons for its superior potency is the process by which the leaves are dried. Instead of pan-frying, these leaves are dried in the sun. Whole-leaf blends contain polyphenols, which are known to fight the formation of cancer-forming free radicals.

White brews have been shown to thin the blood, which may improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. This blend has been linked with a reduced risk of having a stroke, and it contains high levels of catechins that may help to lower cholesterol levels. The leaves also contain trace amounts of fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay and the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

The Tea Farm is an online service that offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee when you buy green, black and white blends and jasmine infusions. You can buy a wide selection of loose-leaf blends, including infused Silver Needle, Peony, Shou Mei and Dragon Well. The company also offers a collection of brewing equipment and decorative, ceremonial pots. Gift certificates are always available for the tea enthusiasts in your life.

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